Concierge Services

In addition to the standard home watch package, SRQ HomeWatch offers an extensive array of concierge services on a one-time or recurring basis to meet your specific needs.  For homeowners subscribed to a periodic home watch service, many of these additional services can be combined with a routine visit to the extent possible to avoid one-time charges.  The following list is a sample of à la carte services we offer:

  • Provide access and stand at the property for deliveries, repairs, cleaning or installations
  • Act as keyholder for security system or fire/smoke alarm emergencies
  • Research and forward estimates for maintenance, installation or repair projects
  • Perform minor maintenance or upkeep services which do not require licensing (HVAC, lightbulbs, etc.)
  • Arrange for pressure washing of driveways, walkways and pool decks, and window cleaning
  • Retrieve and ship items homeowners may have left behind after their visit
  • Prepare for owners’ return, (arrange house cleaning, pre-stock food, turning on pool heaters, adjusting HVAC, etc.)
  • Arrange cleaning of property following homeowners seasonal visit
  • Arrange airport pick-up or drop-off at the Sarasota-Bradenton or Tampa airports if needed.
  • Periodically start, idle, or move motor vehicle, and get car cleaned prior to homeowners arrival
  • Coordinate installation of protective shutters and other preparatory measures in the event of an impending (named) storm
  • Assist with home computer and network setup, as well as A/V and electronics installation/troubleshooting
  • Perform any other task or errand homeowners may require during their stay or absence

Our rates are competive and based on the type, frequency and extent of services required.  Contact us today for a free estimate.