Home watch service

Our home watch checklist addresses all the common issues associated with an unattended property:

At SRQ HomeWatch we strive to make sure our services are built around our customers’ needs. The typical home watch visit will include the following checks:

  • Conduct a thorough visual inspection of the property exterior and interior
  • Ensure the integrity of doors, locks, and windows, and check for evidence of intrusion or damage to structure and grounds
  • Verify exterior security lighting is functional
  • Ensure security system is functional if present
  • Empty mailbox, collect other mailings/papers in driveway or front door and secure indoors
  • Verify proper function of the HVAC system, and check for humidity-related issues
  • Perform seasonal adjustment of HVAC settings per homeowners instructions
  • Change A/C filter
  • Verify refrigerator, freezer and water heater function
  • Check for roof, window and plumbing leaks, operate the garbage disposal, run faucets, and flush toilets
  • Run dishwasher once a month if the homeowner desires
  • Check water softener salt tank if present, add salt if needed
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Check garage area and breaker panel
  • Check for the presence of pests
  • Check integrity of pool cage and screening
  • Ensure pool and landscaping services are performed, add water to pool if needed
  • Conduct a non-scheduled visit as needed to assess property prior to a major (named) storm, and conduct a post-storm assessment
  • Adjust seasonal pool and irrigation timers per homeowners instructions
  • Water indoor and patio plants if desired
  • Forward a report with photos upon completion of an inspection

Our rates are competitive and negotiable based on the size of the property and extent of services required.   Our recommendation is a minimum of 2 visits per month to ensure proper monitoring. 

For more information, give us a call at 941-524-7563

Inspection software

Our specialized reporting software is also GPS enabled and will indicate the exact time and geo-coordinates when the inspection was conducted and photos were taken.  It also allows us to create customized checklists to cater to your exact needs and property.  This checklist can be adjusted at any time since we understand that certain needs may arise from time to time.